Accessories for Your Dog

Glenwood Pet Awnings offers several accessories including utility bags, grass mats, EZ-Leads and exercise collars.  We also offer X-pen covers and T-Tops.

Accessories -Red utility bagUtility Bag

This handy bag snaps to your exercise pen or over your folding chair arm and holds collars, leashes, tennis balls, grooming equipment, etc. There’s a pocket in the back to keep your show number or catalog. With four pockets. Can also be modified to snap onto your crate.

Price: $40   (How to Order)

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Hunter Green
  • Burgundy
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Pink
  • Orange
  • Camouflage
  • Tan
  • Sand
  • Gray

EZ-Lead and Exercise Collars

EZ-Lead CollarGlenwood EZ-Leads and Collars are humane and make your dog easy to lead. Handmade high quality comfort collar. Nylon lead with swivel attachment to reduce entanglements. Durable under normal use conditions and machine washable. Several choice of colors.

Color choices: Hot Pink, Gray, Black, Blue, Purple (checked), Burgundy, Forest Green & Yellow

Accessories - EZ-Lead CollarExercise Collar – $22
Collar & EZ-Lead – $32

(How to Order)

EZ-Lead exercise collars are for exercise only and not to be used in place of a regular collar.

Please specify neck size for collar.

Astro-Turf Mat

The grass mat is made of astro-turf and is 5′ x 5′ bound in white vinyl. Helps your dog stay clean and off the bare ground.

Choice of colors: blue or green.

Price: $50 (How to Order)